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The Yellow series presents physical interventions in photography and combines two media, photography and illustration. It consists of five black and white photographs taken between 2003 and 2017 in various locations around the world. In the photographs, we see electrical installations in the middle of empty and sun-burned pastures in Greece, farmhouses in the rural semi-desert plaines of Morocco, ancient Mayan ruins in Guatemala, road bridges in Japan, and bizarre berths for boats in the middle of a lake in China. Regardless of the location, boundaries, nationality and other differences, people intervene in the environment in the same way and leave footprints behind them.

With color interventions in the photographs, as the title of the series itself indicates, in yellow, on one hand, I delete the work of man, its buildings and objects in the middle of nature, and thus symbolically returning to nature the space that was appropriated by man. On the other hand I emphasize the objects, which highlights the extent of the man-made area in the photo, as the yellow color on the black and white photo stands out. Because the yellow color is the most visible color of the color spectrum, it is usually used as a warning color on building sites and construction machinery. In this context, the series could suggest an unfinished construction work.