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Špela Škulj (1982) is a visual artist, mostly working withing the field of contemporary photography and video. Her interests and art project are mostly drew from her background in Cultural Studies and can be defined as personal documentarism, often focusing on ecology and environment and the irreversible human impact on nature, but also loneliness and lack of purpose of human existence in contemporary society.

Beside her art and documentary projects she is working as a theatre technician and light designer at Španski Borci / En-Knap.


2018 Evidence Book, 5th Blind Date Convention, C.M.A.K. Cerkno, Slovenia.
2018 Lightscapes, Red Earth, Layer's House, Kranj, Slovenia.
2018 Kunming ZOO, Kapsula/P74, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
2017 We reflect light, Centralna postaja Maribor, Maribor, Slovenia.
2017 Fifteen positions of the hands on a cup when you feel tired and annoyed, Chef d'Oeuvre, Osaka, Japan.
2016 Evidence Book, AQ Gallery, Celje Focus Festival, Celje, Slovenia.
2015 Kulise gledanja, Gallery Channel Zero, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
2010 Wordless, Alkatraz Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
2010 Remind places, Installation on Trubarjeva street, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
2009 Mrs. Fani’s House. Independent biennale of Contemporary Illustration, Ljubljana, Slovenia.


2018 Author's editions, 5th Blind Date Convention, Kapsula/P74, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
2018 12th International Lighting Guerrilla, Cukrarna, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
2018 Different Worlds: Young Contemporary Photography, Central European House of Photography, Bratislava, Slovakia.
2017 Different Worlds: Young Contemporary Photography, Gallery Photon Vienna, Vienna, Austria.
2017 Different Worlds: Young Contemporary Photography, Kino Šiška/Photon, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
2017 Independent Biennale: Allstars, DobraVaga, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
2017 [Where is the space?], Yamamoto-Seika, Osaka, Japan.
2016 Young visual artist of Goriška, Gallery Veno Pilon, Ajdovščina, Slovenia.
2015 Ghostwriter project, Action #2. MoTA –Museum of Transitory Art, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
2015 Allstars: Slovenian Independent Biennial, Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Gallery Aila Seppälä, Lahti, Finland, Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Washington, Washington, D.C, Arts & Culture Alliance, Knoxville, TN.
2014 Fotomorgana V, UGM Maribor Art Gallery, Maribor, Slovenia.
2014 Different Worlds: Young Contemporary Photography, Kino Šiška/Photon, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
2014 Fotomorgana III, Kamera, Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
2014 Instagram Work in Progress, Galerija Fotografija, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
2013 Fotomorgana II, Gallery Meduza, Koper, Slovenia.
2013 Fotomorgana, Narodni dom, Trieste, Italy.
2012 CoArt Festival, Shuhe, Yunnan, China.
2012 Vasa Project: 23, Festival Photonic Moments, Galerija, Maribor, Slovenia.
2012 International video festival Natures 9, Gallery Bežigrad 2, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
2010 Festival White Nights, Skopje, Macedonia.
2010 International video festival Natures 7, Gallery Bežigrad 2, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
2009 20 years later, Gallery Velenje, Velenje, Slovenia.


2018 Invisible chambers w. Jaka Berger, FriformAV, Osmo/za, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
2018 Poetry at the Crossroads: Tactics of Persistence, ŠKUC, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
2014 Partija w. Jaka Berger, Nejc Bahor & Bojan Krhlanko, Šinafest, Idrija, Slovenia.


2018 Nataša Živković: Sine/Sonny, produced by Mesto žensk/City of Women
2017 Darla Smoking: Big Bug
2015 Sara Horžen, Valentina Plaskan: Ženske na robu/Women on the edge


2017 Close your Eyes, zine, edition of 20, KAMI books & zines.
2016 Movements, photo-book, 3 leaflets in a cardboard box, edition of 200, self-published.


2018 Photobook & photozine, Dobra Vaga, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
2018 Photobook & photozine, GT22, Maribor, Slovenia.
2018 Photobook & photozine, Festival Celje Fokus, Narcis Kantardžić's studio, Celje, Slovenia.
2017 Books from the Balkans, Self Publish Riga, Riga Photomonth, Latvia.


2015 F-stop Magazine, Issue 74 - Telling Stories. Group Exhibition.
2014 Circus on
2013 Bathers on POSI+TIVE MAGAZINE
2013 Boyfriend Girlfriend Zine on Art and Smoke
2012 Everything is possible on Blenda,


KAMI books & zines.
ZVOKOGRAM (Soundscapes) with Matjaž Rušt: on minus72's stream
MINUS72 with Matjaž Rušt:
I think I know with Neja Tomšič: