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Mrs. Fani’s house is the first part of the Houses project, 2009.
Made in collaboration with Neja Tomšič.
It tells us a story about a woman and her life.
Photographs, drawings, newspaper pages and text.


Houses series researches abandoned houses. Houses, which seemingly don’t have an owner. Sometimes we find them empty, sometimes full of things, houses, which remained like they were on the day when their inhabitants still thought they are going to return. An abandon house is like a man, who has been alone for a long time. It feels inappropriate to enter it. An empty house is on the other hand time that stopped. Or time which life left already, because the house remains even if life left it, it does not disappear, remaining as a construction, a proof of life and it survives those who built it.

In the Houses series, we intervene these houses. In this way, the lives return to them in form of visual interventions. fani3.jpg fani4.jpg