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The Game 1.2/ Partíja 1.2
Composition for string table, card deck, dices and tools.

Jaka Berger, Bojan Krhlanko, Nejc Bahor, Špela Škulj.

The game in a sound project in the shape of prepared string piece of upright piano. The original string panel of the upright piano is attached to the table legs. In this way the string panel becomes a string table and the object gets the character of the furniture table, a functional object from our everyday life. The table is amplified with contact microphones.

Word Partija is a word for playing a game in Slovenian language. The game becomes a relation between playing instrument or music and playing games, for example playing cards.

The concept is to play board game. In this case we have a deck of cards witch define the area of playing and 13 tools with witch the player is approaching the string board. The cubes define number of musical or visual event in one round. The game was developed as a method for improvising music, but in the present situation we start to put improvisation into other forms of expressing such as literature and visual arts. In this project there will be two musicians Jaka Berger and Bojan Krhlanko playing the string table, poet Nejc Bahor will be operating with 13 diferent texts in 4 different langugages and visual artist Špela Škulj will be operating the overhead projector with 13 prepared tools and 4 diferent projecting areas.

Videos from the performance at Shinafest 2014.