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First part of the triptych Movements,
Fifteen positions of the hands on a cup when you feel tired and annoyed, 2015.

The series explores the feelings of fatigue and annoyance through repetition of movement. Fifteen positions of the hands on a cup of tea when you feel tired and annoyed the first part of the triptych, consisting of three series, which in an apparently same way deal with the feelings that are every day more present in the modern world. Fatigue, loneliness, boredom and annoyance are depicted with minimalistic movements or positions of the body. In this way, the intimate photos try to represent, in a humorous way, what we do not want to show the outside world – the time when we are alone and we do not know what to do.

Together with another series entitled Twelve movements of the feet on a wall when you feel bored and alone and third, Ten placements of the fingers on a lock of hair when you feel small and unsure, form a whole.